Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Current Finance Scenario

It could be curtailing black money. It could be democratizing finances of our country. It could be testing the patience of people.
The finances work well in our country. Not the people. It is the human resources which are a problem.
If 60 people have the caliber to earn Rs.2000/- in one minute, then one Rs.2000/- note is enough to make them all richer by Rs.2000/- in one hour. Provided they are fast and work for one another in a serial manner.
Such is the thought that must work in India. If one person can earn Rs.20,000/- in one minute, he must rotate Rs.2000/- in the above circle and give and help the fellow citizens with Rs.18,000/-.
You must not fill your stomach. You must fill the other's stomach. Automatically, the other will share food with you.
You must not strive for victory in life. You must strive for defeat in life. Automatically, you will get an empathy from others.
You must not know what you need. You must know what the others need. Automatically, you will earn money.
Keep up the good discipline. Keep up the good behavior. Be in line as you were earlier. And let us build a healthy financial India.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Business Philosophy

When one talks to world economists we talk about systems. What worked for centuries is what needs to be talked. Clear cut philosophies and methods in an atmosphere of Carnatic music or a bharatnatyam is what I am talking about.
I do not know begging for money is a philosophy worth talking about.
When impossibility is claimed possibility is ruled out.
I ooze money. We were associated with marwaris for ages. I received my education too from an institute managed by a big business house. Money works for me. I do not work for money.
Yeah my first school was La Martinierre in Kolkata.
Currently, I am into internet. I believe it is an appropriate media for me to keep my personal mint running. I enjoy working here and look forward to more number of days.
Imagination is the mother of invention. And invention is no joke. People ask why and I ask why not.
A complete man here. Imaginative and calculative. A brain used and results demonstrated.
I am out for auctioning. Any buyers?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The crying financers in a rolling economy

Today the economy rolls. Virtue is money and vice is money. And money is money.
Virtue cries. Vice laughs. Money cries.
Most people cry. I laugh. My mother cries.
Do you laugh or cry? And identify your money personality.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Your financial worth in future

You save money every month in Savings Bank. You invest in shares every month.
You have gold, fixed deposits for future. You have flats, plots or houses.

You have to educate your kid. You have to marry off your daughter. You may have other important financial commitments on a future date.

Do you want to know your worth on a future date? Of course, not an accurate prediction algorithm based. But on thumb rules.
Here it is :

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Big bucks

India always had zamindari system. Workers were paid meager salary and sumptuous grains.
For the government at center industrialisation was of importance. Meaning big bucks.
T T K was a brilliant finance minister who must have thought about this discrepancy.
He brought about nationalisation of banks. He had able people like L K Jha etc.
Big bucks is not easy by invitation. Russians did it inviting locals to join. Russians are Russians. Indians cannot do this.
Big bucks are luck. They are great. There are people who don't have time to count the bucks they have. Sometimes a few bundles may fall due to absent mindedness. They keep moving ahead. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Report Card of Modi

With the promise of a solid economic foundation of Swachchtha, Modi government began to work.
It is an awesome innings which is still continuing.  It is like breathing in a familiar air. It is akin to coming back home after a long journey.
So what do we have apart from a promise of more and efficient gas distribution. Promise of 18 lakh jobs.  An opportunity to financers to think about how the RBI should be. Whether RBI governor should have veto power ( read a strong hand ) or not. A blazing decision asking PSU banks not to pay dividends. A personal but stern caution to the bureaucrats to buck up. And more such steps that gives us hope that efficiency in body is not that matters. But in work.
He very well understands that economy is anything but Adam Smith. Being vice is difficult than being virtuous. For there is no time to come back to virtues.  The problems are so enormous.
My feeling is changes should be gradual. This would be scientific.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tangled Economy

Why is Maggi 2 minute noodles so popular?
In two minutes, you have food on your table. It has been precooked in large scale in factories and dried and packed. So that a man, a woman or even a child can cook.
Economically as I see, a large saving in energy bills happen with Maggi 2 minute noodles. Only 2 minutes at our end and a dish is ready for us.
Maggi is also like rice and it takes only two minutes or so whether it is 1 packet or 2 packets or more.
But Maggi has wheat. It is not rice. It supports wheat producers and many wheat product eaters get a wheat food item on their table in two minutes.
So much of advantages can go in drain due to wrong and limited testing ability in our labs. Even I need roti, kapada and makhan. But do I make a scene out of it by announcing it to magazines. No. I would have contacted the company concerned.