Friday, January 25, 2013

Changing Times

The times are changing fast. The economy of India is facing challenging times. However many of our CEOs seem to be comfortable with future, as a survey indicates.
The Finance minister is waging a war promising a brave approach to issues. He is confident of reducing deficit and enhancing growth without burdening the corporate world much in terms of taxation in his near future budget.
In the IT world, HCL has re-aligned their business into three major categories. They seem to be getting prepared to align themselves with the changing times. The step seemed very practical.
The resignation of Bharati Airtel CEO, Sanjeev Kapoor over his assignment to Africa seemed bad. One has to take challenging assignments and give out the best for one's company and country.
What can be the prescription to deal with these times. Increasing consumption in IT software and training is a reasonably good way to boost the economy. Quality music, e-books must be bought by payment and in fact government must take steps to ensure financial worthiness to IT software industry and boost consumption.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

IPO headaches

IPO (Initial Public Offerings) are a tough financial task to implement. The director of the company has to painstakingly lobby around, fill and submit forms, show financial data, get clearances etc. And after so much hard work, the issue may crash after opening. Because of greedy and money lusting brokers and public.
A good performing stock no doubt improves the image of a company, but the financial risks involved are also high. Shares can be a big cushion to a fat, risk loving entrepreneur. Shares are challenging and offers plenty of opportunities to implement ideas, whether fair or foul. Mostly foul. But how reliable is it?
If you want my opinion, for general public investing in shares is a very attractive proposition today.  IT is spreading its wings on our financial and banking systems. More and more people will be able to have access to banks and share applications over internet. This will mean more customers for shares,, thereby increasing the demand for shares and hence their prices.
So, what are you waiting for. Money does not stop for anyone. Go out, explore and invest money with both your hands.