Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Go For Gold

The gold is falling.
Cyprus has pledged gold. China economy is slowing. US is planning subsidy reduction. Some banks have reduced value of banks. All these have made gold unattractive.
But in India the demand for gold keeps increasing. Because of two reasons. Population and greed for more. Gold was always felt to be the most stable. And investment in gold is most welcome.
How to buy gold during these times. The best option is to buy in installments. Buy one lot now. Buy another one later. Why? Because gold price may vary. May increase or fall. So, it is safer that one buys gold in installments.
After all, safety is what Indian life is all about.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Insider Trading - Understanding

My blogs may be good. Anil Ambani likes it. He wants to do a favor. He wants to pay money. Will he pay from his own pocket or will he pay from his company's account? If he pays from his own pocket it is insider trading. If he pays from his company's account it is not.
We have seen the attitude of people. The so called high class society. They move in flashy cars, wearing choicest of garments, perfumes. But when it comes to giving alms to beggars, they just raise their window glass.
The above is not involving in insider trading.
Today, the share market is stable. It is no longer vacillating in huge swings. It is due to the commitment of brokers and fund managers who have taken exceptional pride in their jobs and have shown sheer brilliance and apt hard work.
We all need to rise up and give alms to beggars. We all must switch off ACs at red lights and breathe in fresh air. And then we must ask the question "Am I an Inside Trader?"

Monday, April 8, 2013

Respect for rupee

It is a matter of concern when the corruption figures are shown in lakhs of crores. Some newspaper claim that the whole of India can be wiped of poverty with the money that is stored in foreign banks.
What has caused the downfall? People say morality of the people has fallen and they resort to incorrect and illegal activities to achieve things. People hoard perishables and sell them off at convenient times just to earn extra money. People take admission to colleges on the basis of money.
Demand is more than supply. And money is expected to fill it.
The situation now has changed so bad that shopkeepers sell items below MRP. What is it that makes them so confident? Where do they have an extra source of income?
Many times artificial demand is created. When a minister says 100 flats be alloted, their chamchas often keep 70% and 30% are only legally sold as per minister's order. For the other 70% false legal papers, bogus claims etc. are entertained. This is the seed for corruption.
The police have to be extremely strong in such things. They cannot remain quiet. I remember in Howrah station we were prevented taking a bag of rice from the Howrah station to Ballygunge gardens. Because in those days only ration rice was permitted.
Reverting back to old systems is futile. And is not permitted by laws of heat. Entropy cannot be reversed. Yes, Stephen Hawking, the broken cup on the floor cannot join back and fly up to the table. No, it cannot. But I wonder why a human does not pick up the cup, glue it and keep it back.