Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are You Bitcoin Ready?

In early 1960s the US Army was building foundations for networking which would change the world. The ARPANET. The scientists working on the project devised a mechanism of peer-to-peer. This means that a server is termed peer to one or many clients which are also termed peer.
Peer to Peer Protocol changed the whole world and laid the backbone of internet. Where everyone is termed equal.
Satoshi Nakomoto, the Japanese wizard has given a financial taste to this peer to peer. This is the essence of Bitcoin.
Now, the crucial question is, what is the catch? The catch is the password. Though everyone is considered equal in internet there is a statutory requirement of password. All the users of internet cannot utilise all the services of the internet because many sites require password.
Let us together, now, expand this concept and fully discuss the implications of Bitcoin. Here we go . . .

Friday, December 20, 2013

Your Role in Improving Economy in India

Have you ever felt that when your car is clean from outside and inside and is also polished, it runs smoother? Though there is no connection between smooth car ride and a polished car, the fact cannot be denied that a car feels better when clean and neat.
You can improve the economy in India by making your home and neighbourhood neat. You must also spend one hour every week to see your finance related papers. You must also file all the papers neatly and clearly. It will not be a bad idea if you calculate your worth. Also use extrapolation of data to determine the worth on a future date. Say, when your son passes 12th class.
Consumption is also a good way to boost economy. If all of us consume Potato Chips more then a factory for Chips will be made which will give employment. Also potato crops will grow. And oilseeds crops.  But care must be taken to see that right products are consumed more. Eating too much of salted almonds by everyone cannot be termed feasible. The mantra I suggest is consume more of those products which are socialistic. Steel products, clay toys, garden fertilizers etc. are good examples of socialistic products.
Ethics are a personal thing. For someone buying a product below MRP is acceptable. Some people feel that if he milks Rs.100 from a person, it is as good as earning a lakh. Yet for some not returning loan is acceptable. I rate not returning a loan as ethical and acceptable. I feel it is the job of the bank to get back loans. Why should a borrower worry about returning? Anyway unethical finances are a pain and we must learn to live with it or get over it.
Of course, the most important in improving economy is the old adage "Small drops make an ocean". So start right now in a small quantum and help our country to progress.